One of the most frequent questions we are asked is “What guitar should I buy?”. Shopping for your first guitar can be confusing. With so many different types of guitars out there it is easy to become overwhelmed. For beginning guitar students we recommend not spending your life savings on your first guitar. Sure it would be great to have the best guitar on the block but it won’t necessarily help you become the best player on the block. On the other hand we also don’t recommend buying the cheapest guitar you can find. A cheep guitar can have many problems including not staying in tune, not having the proper intonation, and having very high action making it very difficult to play. Electric guitars are easier to play due to the smaller gauge strings and easy action. Acoustic are the most portable and quickest to play since you don’t have to have an amp and plug it in all the time. Electric or Acoustic? We will let you decide that one.

At you will find great “lower cost” electric and acoustic guitars that we recommend for beginners that range from $99-$299.

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Welcome to Free Basic Guitar. Your place for free guitar lessons.

Free Basic Guitar is dedicated to providing lessons that focus on the basics of guitar playing. Why pay a guitar teacher $20 for each lesson when you can learn the fundamentals for free? We recommend saving your money and learn the basics first.

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